Articles “Aik Aur Story” Telefilm On Express Entertainment

“Aik Aur Story” Telefilm On Express Entertainment

It’s raining telefilms since Eid, and here’s another one to air on Express Entertainment. The “Aik Aur Story” telefilm is something new and exciting for the audience craving cinema vibes. As cinemas are closed due to the pandemic these films are the only way to satisfy such cravings. Surprisingly, this film isn’t old-timey, it is produced to offer ultimate entertainment and cinematic experience.

Aik Aur Love Story telefilm

The film is a kind of anthology series featuring various plots. Each storyline is penned by renowned writers, and the production is carried by top-level directors. It looks like all the talented people from the industry have joined hands to come up with this ultimate TV film. Its teasers are already creating hype on the internet, the people have gone crazy for it.


“Aik Aur Story” Telefilm Details

Aik Aur Story telefilm

This telefilm is a joint venture of Express Entertainment and Big Bang Entertainment. It is a combination of various stories written and directed by different professionals. The director’s brigade includes Badar Mehmood who gave us ‘Cheekh,’ Aabis Raza the man behind ‘Jalan,’ and Fahim Burney director of ‘Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai.’ Moreover, the writers are yet to be revealed.

Aik Aur Story telefilm

The cast includes superstars like Imran Ashraf, Ushna Shah, Emmad Irfani, Minal Khan, Sadaf Shahroz, and many others. This film is the next big thing to release on TV screens. The OSTs for each story in the film are sung and composed by renowned singers Ali Amanat and Javed Bashir. The teasers and the OSTs are creating heat across all social media platforms.


Release Date of “Aik Aur Story”

aik Aur Story telefilm

The release is expected soon in the current year 2021. However, no specific details or actual release dates are revealed by the makers. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release. It will be aired on Express Entertainment channel. This film may be the next super hit!

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