Articles Aima Baig & Farhan Saeed In “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” Song 

Aima Baig & Farhan Saeed In “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” Song 

Aima Baig is rocking as a singer, her new song “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” with Farhan Saeed is mystical. The intriguing love song has already created hype and it’s trending across all social media platforms. Aima and Farhan share an extended fan following, their first-ever collaboration for music was exciting news for fans.

Aima Baig Na Cher Malangaan Nu

Farhan has been off the music industry for some time. He was actively working in serials and commercials. It’s the first time in a while that Farhan has produced a fine song. As you know, Aima has just kick-started her singing career and trying to collaborate with top music gurus from the industry. This collaboration is also an addition to her music profile in the making.


Aima Baig Rocking in “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” Song with Farhan Saeed

The melodious and super-amazing song has two attributes. It is very nicely composed by Bilal Saeed and very pleasantly sung by Aima and Farhan. The lyrics are also written by Bilal Saeed, and the production is also by Bilal Saeed’s “One Two Records.” However, the music video is directed by Adnan Kazi an ace music director in the industry.

According to reports, Aima first approached Bilal for this song, but later patched up with Farhan. Bilal stayed off-screen and composed the music for both of them. Although the three have worked together to produce it, the audience expected to see Bilal on the screen also. Conclusively, the audience looks satisfied from the music, video, and singing.


Watch & Listen to Aima Baig’s “Na Cher Malangaan Nu” Here

Aima Baig Na Cher Malangaan Nu

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