American Dream in Literature

American Dream in Literature

Does your work have nothing to do with the American dream?” The American Dream in literature has always been a favorite subject of academics and those who enjoy reading literature. It was Henry David Thoreau who said, “The American Dream in Literature is the dream that will someday replace the nightmare of servitude.” Americans have always known they can attain anything they want in life. And with the help of their great literature, we all can realize our dreams and live our lives to the fullest.

The American Dream in literature

One of the most critical functions a writer serves is to help readers imagine other possibilities in life. And for a writer to be effective at this, he or she must be able to take his readers on a journey beyond simple reality. A good literature writer can do this by taking his reader on an “upside-down” view of the world. This allows the reader to see things from a different perspective-one that may shatter the illusion a reader has about being in this world.

Take, for example, George Washington. While we know him as the first President of the United States, we do not know much about him. We know he was a Virginian and that he fought in the Revolutionary War. But we also know that there are characters who have much more complexities and backstories in the literature than we do. The American dream in literature can take these complexities and human flaws and turn them into something very appealing to readers.

Let’s take another example. One of the most famous literary works in the English language is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. We know that a British woman writes it, but we don’t know much more about the author. We know that she was a good writer, but how did this writer create such a masterpiece? Well, one clue lies in the use of detail.
Every author wants to tell a good story, but they must take account of reality. In this case, Austen uses extended periods of descriptive imagery to paint her world. She takes us into the heart of a small English village where people work hard, face difficult circumstances, and lead simple lives. The reader feels like they are really “at home.” This is the essence of realism, but it is a quality that any literature author can develop.

So why should American literature authors strive to portray the American dream in literature? One reason is that the American dream in literature is a very appealing one. It is the belief that one can live a satisfying life despite past misfortune or failures. And through the characters in American literature, readers can see that their country is not so different from the rest of the world. It is a place where one can overcome adversity and reach success.

Another reason is that many Americans read literature. Many literature authors have found great success only after developing a following among readers. The American dream in literature is also closely tied to a level of social status. If you own a publishing house or have won some literary award, you are a well-respected writer.
American literature is known for the strength of its plots and characters. Whether the story is complex or straightforward, the property is an integral part of the American dream in literature. The main character’s journey is the theme of many good American novels. The hero’s growth is the basis for the characters’ development and happiness.

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