Articles Anoushay Abbasi Opens Up About Slapping Imran Ashraf in Raqs-e-bismil

Anoushay Abbasi Opens Up About Slapping Imran Ashraf in Raqs-e-bismil

Anoushay Abbasi’s character Sakina in Raqs-e-bismil is making headlines. In a recent episode, Anoushay Abbasi (Sakina) slapped Imran Ashraf (Musa). The scene from the episode has taken up the internet since then. Everyone wants to ask some questions from Anoushay about the much-hyped slap.

Anoushay Abbasi Slapping Imran Abbas

Seeing the internet frenzy, Anoushay came forward to answer all the questions. She appeared in an interview with Something Haute and opened up about slapping Imran Abbas.

She has said, “I have worked a lot with Imran, and we share really good chemistry.”


Did Anoushay Really Slap Imran Ashraf?

Anoushay Abbasi in Raqs-e-bismil

Speaking about the slapping scene, Anoushay said that the slap was in the air, and she just touched Imran’s face to make it feel real. So, if you’re wondering she has really slapped Imran Ashraf – you’re wrong.


Anoushay Abbasi’s Thoughts About Her Character “Sakina” in Raqs-e-bismil


Anoushay Abbasi in Raqs-e-bismil

Anoushay also talked about her character in Raqs-e-bismil. She discussed different aspects of her role as Sakina and concluded that Sakina is a negative character.

Anoushay Abbasi in Raqs-e-bismil

She said,

“Sakina is a negative character in some ways, as you know, but I think she is more conniving,”

She further added,

“She is misbehaving with mother and manipulating people, which is wrong after all.”

In last,

“She has become a negative character after she ran away from her husband.”

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