Best Pakistan Dramas in 2021

Best Pakistan Dramas in 2021

What will be the most significant risks and benefits for Pakistan after the next elections? What are the key advantages and disadvantages for Pakistan in the coming years? As a nation, we have always been known to take risks to progress. Risk-taking is a crucial ingredient for success. Risk-taking in many different areas of human endeavor has paid off handsomely for our country.

Now we are faced with another evaluation, this time of sorts. Will our country’s future performance mirror our past performance, or will it lag behind other nations that we are already leading? It is human nature to question the failures of others and seek to emulate the successes of others. A successful strategy should address all possible disadvantages and advantages while trying to be the absolute best.

Some may say that there are no disadvantages and opportunities in the future. Well, I’m afraid I have to disagree. The reality is that there are both opportunities and disadvantages in the future. Pakistan can either be the strongman or the weak man. The weakness lies in the inability to use all of our unique advantages to our advantage effectively.

If we look at the disadvantages, they lie primarily in the poor performance of the government. The lack of strong and capable government leadership has created an opening for radicals and terrorist groups to gain a foothold in Pakistan. Since there is no strong government presence, there are no checks and balances on these groups’ conduct. The existing authority has crashed to shelter the community from threats, which is its most significant liability.

Another disadvantage is our poor infrastructure. These groups can easily infiltrate our lines of communication and cause chaos in the future. If they manage to operate within our borders, they could bring in weapons and volunteers to battle other Pakistani forces.

But perhaps the greatest and most formidable of all our disadvantages is internal. Our education system is pathetic and is ranked below the regional average. There are very few qualified teachers and even fewer student enrollments.

In this situation, the query that residue is how to establish changing this. My best advice is to begin implementing complete school education for girls in every village and town in Pakistan. We should also focus on training adults to work in government and non-government jobs. We must keep educating the population to be fully prepared to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead when the time comes.

All this will require massive financial resources from the unified empires and the global clique. Perhaps the primary crucial step we can take is to get a dedicated and influential female cabinet. Who must empower them with proper female empowerment tools? Also, all the local and tribal intermediaries must be made more accountable. All this will dramatically improve women’s quality of life in Pakistan, making us stronger as a nation.

Education is the key to any country’s future. In the United States, the number of female students has increased, but the dropout rate is alarming. I was surprised to read that 95% of girls have no higher education in Afghanistan. Is that what the future holds for Pakistan? It’s a scary thought, but I’m not holding my breath. Education is critical if Pakistan wants to emerge as a healthy and prosperous nation.

Next, let’s look at energy. The United Kingdom is trying to develop a partnership to invest in solar and wind energy. These are clean sources of energy that do not pollute the air. Who can easily harness them by developing more wind and solar farms?

We should do the same thing with water. In the United States, we import most of our freshwater. It costs money and doesn’t contribute to our economic well-being. On the other hand, Pakistan produces enough natural water to satisfy its needs. That means cheaper electricity and less costly pipes and garbage.

Finally, let’s take a look at the media. There is a saying in the press, “If it is not broke, don’t fix it.” That means if the government can’t handle it, don’t waste your time and money on fixes. The media is right on the mark when they state that the Pakistani press needs to be extra aggressive in holding the government accountable.

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