Why is Classic Literature So Bad?

Why is Classic Literature So Bad? Modern literature, or literary Modernism, originated in the last century, mainly in North America and Europe, marked by a conscious break with older, more conservative writing ways, usually in poetry or prose writing. In recent years there has also been an argument about whether literature constitutes art. Modernists argued … Read more

Understanding Psychology and Literature

Understanding Psychology and Literature – A ReviewWhen you study psychology and literature, who will introduce you to several different types of people who have variously affected human history. People such as Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, and Theodor Seuss Geisel are just a few of the many influential writers and thinkers in this particular study area. … Read more

The impacts of Religion on Literature

The impacts of Religion on Literature Religion and literature can seem to be very different from one another. They are very similar on the surface, and even some of the most secular writers say that there are many similarities between religion and literature. However, deeper looking into both these topics reveals many differences that people … Read more

American Dream in Literature

American Dream in Literature Does your work have nothing to do with the American dream?” The American Dream in literature has always been a favorite subject of academics and those who enjoy reading literature. It was Henry David Thoreau who said, “The American Dream in Literature is the dream that will someday replace the nightmare … Read more

The Role of Dramas in Cultural Values

The Role of Dramas in Cultural Values The role of Dramas in cultural values is a big question. Some say that it only affects the audience by changing their perceptions of the plot. It is said that some people who watch dramatic plays do not appreciate schemes that lack serious or, more often, violence. They … Read more

Exploring Social Issues in Dramas

Exploring Social Issues in Dramas The Exploration of Social Issues in Dramas exploration of social issues in dramas is a complex undertaking. I suggest that studying and analyzing social problems in the drama should be approached from several perspectives. The first represents social issues as problems for characters who are typically “good people.” In this … Read more

Role of Literature in Dramas

Role of Literature in Dramas The popularity of the role of literature in dramas has always fascinated people. This results from the simple fact that these works are so full of life and emotion that they can capture the viewers’ hearts and minds with their power to make them feel and experience what the characters … Read more