Dushman e Jaan Drama

Dushman e Jaan Drama Dushman e Jaan Drama, or Dushman, commonly known in English, is a Hindi movie directed by Amin Iqbal. It is written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Amin Iqbal. The film’s story revolves around a gangster named Dushman, who becomes a local street dealer after his mother’s murder. He then vows … Read more

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Drama

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Drama Ranjha Ranga, or Ranjha Ranga Chhota, is a famous Hindi play written by S.S. Rajamouli and shown on television in different parts of India. The story begins with a marriage between a merchant and his wife. He promises her eternal love, but she refuses and tries to break the promise. In … Read more

Woh Humsafar Tha Drama

Woh Humsafar Tha Drama Woh Hum Phad is a drama based on Kingston Kositchevis, played by the popular Thai actor Khon Kaen. It arrives in the prior 16th era. In this drama, the young Kingston is forced to abdicate his throne by his cruel and tyrannical father. However, instead of executing him, his loyal subjects … Read more

The Character Traits

The Character Traits Greek drama has been known as one of the most effective forms of drama ever. It is not only the most extended form of drama, but it also contains many complexities and is exceptionally elaborate. Character traits of Greek drama have their roots in the earliest civilizations. There is a belief that … Read more

Advantages of Discourse Analysis

Advantages of Discourse Analysis The most common use of a DISD analysis is for the measurement of sales performance. This is the best way to determine the efficiency of the sales team. The information gathered from a DISD analysis can be used to: create performance metrics, identify strengths and weaknesses of the sales organization, set … Read more

What’s So Great About Top Udaari Drama?

What’s So Great About Top Udaari Drama? The story of Udaari, the most vital and most beloved female character in African mythology, is a beautiful metaphor for what modern-day girls need to know. This prevalent play, performed by Nelly Bolla during the 1966 opera “Lasts,” is still considered one of the best dramas ever staged. … Read more

How Pakistani Dramas Highlight The Social Issues

How Pakistani Dramas Highlight The Social Issues

Pakistani dramas have always been popular. This is because it is a medium through which societal issues are discussed and understood. It is a platform where the young and the old can express their emotions through various plots, themes, and characters. There is also the presence of some good qualities of this genre, which make it different from other drama genres. So, here are some benefits of reading Pakistani dramas:

How Pakistani dramas highlight the social issues

Social Issues: The social issues in Pakistan touch on various aspects of life. There are instances where women face some discrimination both at home and in society. They are also mistreated while taking up jobs. Besides, there are some cases of domestic violence and honor killing. Children are involved in various social evils such as kidnapping and human trafficking, eve-teasing, and eve posing. Overall, Pakistan’s social issues touch upon multiple aspects of life that affect people’s lives differently.

The characters in these dramas give us an insight into the prevailing social issues that affect people in Pakistan. Many Pakistani dramas deal with the problems of girl-child marriage. There are many other examples also, like female infanticide and honor killing. Pakistani Dramas give social issues in Pakistan great importance.

Political Issues: From Pakistan, you can also get to see the different political debates. These dramas depict various aspects of the political arena in Pakistan. It represents the diffe

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Popularity of Pakistani Dramas on TV

The popularity of Pakistani Dramas on TV The popularity of Pakistani Dramas is on the rise these days. Over a dozen satellite TV channels are producing shows for Pakistan now. Moreover, there was a time when who launched even a satellite channel in India dedicated to aired Pakistani dramas for an Indian audience as well. … Read more

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