How Pakistani Dramas Are Better Than Indian?

How Are Pakistani Dramas Better Than Indian?

Pakistani dramas are more realistic than Indian dramas. The Indian and the Pakistani dramas are based on a mythological background, but the similarities end here. Pakistani dramas adhere to the real-life theme and give a realistic touch to the characters. No act or dialogue is exaggerated. The actors genuinely portray their characters.
How Pakistani dramas are better than Indian

But there are individual differences too. You will find some versions of events that did not happen according to the version we see in the theatre in real life. In the theatre, the possibilities are more exaggerated. The actors portray a part of the world that is imaginary.
Pakistani theatre has a lot of variety. There are various genres of the theatre like Malawi, qawwali, kebab, and dhaba. These genres reflect the various moods and sentiments of the people in Pakistan. They show the different expressions of grief, happiness, and sorrow.

On the other hand, how Pakistani dramas are better than Indian is when we talk about the storylines. In Indian stories, you will find heroes and heroines having many lovers, and then they die in a single day. They live happily ever after. But in Pakistani stories, you will find all these things happening only once.
So, how can Indian drama compare with Pakistani drama? If we look at life, it is evident that we have no complications and if anything, we are happy, and our problems are much smaller. Life is much more comfortable here. The issues of the people here are not so big, and they are easy to solve. They need to get ready to work even when they face difficulties.

On the other hand, life here has its challenges too. Problems in education, health, and personal life are a few. All these problems make your life difficult and your heartache much more when you see your near and dear ones suffering in such conditions. So do not ever think that your life here is easy and blissful. On the contrary, it is hard, and various situations and problems will torture you. You will also meet with different kinds of people.
If we talk about how Pakistani dramas are better than Indians, we can conclude that the storylines and emotions are more attractive. It takes us into another world, where we can enjoy our feelings without any boundaries. So we can say that the art of Indian dramas is far superior to Pakistani dramas. Let us compare a few scenes from both the shows.

In Happy Days, Dabbar puts a little humor in his storytelling and gets the audience laughing and enjoying. He brings life into a sad situation and brings laughter to the people. Who cannot ignore the role of a male role model here? He has all the conditions of a good father, son, and husband. So, on the whole, we can say that Pakistani dramas are better than Indian dramas. Now your know-how.

Another great hero of this show is Dr. Sukhwinder Singh. He played the lead role and brought a new generation into the limelight. He was a great personality who went through many hardships and faced many challenges in his life. We can say that he had the heart and the guts to go through those experiences. His stories also inspired other people.
Another great character is Captain Islam Karamchai. He was a very famous character who was a hero for the people of Punjab. He was a brave man who fought against the British. Who can relate the story of his rise to greatness in the increase of freedom fighters in Pakistan? He single-handedly liberated a large part of the country from the British.

If we take the story of Mahalakshmi, it is the most beautiful story of Indian Marriage. It shows a happy and loving marriage, which is between a Hindu girl and a Christian boy. It’s an ultimate love story. It’s a story of sacrifice and bravery.
In case you haven’t seen any of these three stories, search on the internet. It will provide you with more information. As I told you earlier, all these stories are the creations of a legendary Punjabi writer called Mina Khatri. She has hundreds of stories to tell. Hence, we can say that all these stories are better than Indian dramas, in my opinion.

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