How Pakistani Dramas Highlight The Social Issues

How Pakistani Dramas Highlight The Social Issues

Pakistani dramas have always been popular. This is because it is a medium through which societal issues are discussed and understood. It is a platform where the young and the old can express their emotions through various plots, themes, and characters. There is also the presence of some good qualities of this genre, which make it different from other drama genres. So, here are some benefits of reading Pakistani dramas:

How Pakistani dramas highlight the social issues

Social Issues: The social issues in Pakistan touch on various aspects of life. There are instances where women face some discrimination both at home and in society. They are also mistreated while taking up jobs. Besides, there are some cases of domestic violence and honor killing. Children are involved in various social evils such as kidnapping and human trafficking, eve-teasing, and eve posing. Overall, Pakistan’s social issues touch upon multiple aspects of life that affect people’s lives differently.

The characters in these dramas give us an insight into the prevailing social issues that affect people in Pakistan. Many Pakistani dramas deal with the problems of girl-child marriage. There are many other examples also, like female infanticide and honor killing. Pakistani Dramas give social issues in Pakistan great importance.

Political Issues: From Pakistan, you can also get to see the different political debates. These dramas depict various aspects of the political arena in Pakistan. It represents the different opinions and arguments that prevail in the society. It also highlights the social issues and debates that the politicians in the country take up.
Educational System: When people in Pakistan go to school, they face many problems in finding a place to practice their studies. Some people drop out of school. This is a widespread problem.


Economy: The social issues and problems in Pakistan are also dealt with by the economy. The poor economic conditions in Pakistan have created a situation where there is a lack of jobs. So, unemployment is expected. Besides, the price of essential commodities has gone up. In addition to this, inflation has also become a big problem.
So, one would ask, how Pakistani dramas portray the social issues? It’s quite evident that how the Pakistani dramas depict these issues positively impact the minds of people living in Pakistan. They understand that if they do something good for the society, who will reward them in the future.

Therefore, they try to find solutions to the social problems in their own way. Many of these social issues are depicted in a positive light in the dramas. As a result, many young viewers who have never been exposed to such kinds of dramas are suddenly exposed to them. They learn what it takes to succeed in life through these dramas.
On the other hand, some of these social problems are also shown in a very negative light. These include torture, murder, and terrorism. These things are totally unacceptable, so people try to avoid them as much as possible in their lives.

Yet, the question remains, how do these social issues get shown in a positive light in Pakistani dramas? How can elements of these issues be prevented from affecting the lives of ordinary people? There is really no way to altogether avoid these social issues from affecting the society.

However, with the help of these Pakistani dramas, who can show these issues positively. This is one way of combating these social issues since viewers will realize how important it is to treat others fairly. They will also recognize that being a Muslim is more than just teaching them about Islam and dressing modestly. It is about respecting all human beings, regardless of their race or religion.

Overall, these are just a few of the many exciting stories; Pakistani dramas can tell. You can even find your favorite show by merely checking the local channels on satellite TV. These channels usually offer the latest in drama. So, while you are looking at how Pakistani dramas highlight Pakistan’s social issues, you will also be able to watch a show that most Americans have not yet seen.

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