Articles “Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan” Upcoming Drama Teasers Out Now! 

“Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan” Upcoming Drama Teasers Out Now! 

“Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan” is the latest drama to be aired on Hum TV. The intriguing teasers of the serial have already created hype on social media. The short clips of the teasers are making rounds on the internet, and the people are thrilled to bits.

Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan Drama

The gorgeous Dur-e-Fishan Saleem and Nabeel Zuberi have starred in the serial together third time in a row. They’re also starring in Pardes and Aulaad respectively, and the fans are really loving the duo. Both are known for their exceptional acting skills and amazing looks. This serial is supposed to be their superhit of all time as it features an interesting storyline and a star-studded cast.


“Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan” Drama Details

This serial is yet another production of the Momina Duraid Productions. It is directed by the ace director Waheb Jafri. And its super-amazing storyline is a brainchild of renowned playwright Khalil Ur Rehman. Apart from Dur-e-Fishan and Nabeel, the stellar cast includes Hassan Khan, Shabbir Jan, Sabeena Syed, Salma Hassan, and Kashif Mehmood. Moreover, the serial will air on Hum TV in the prime-time slot.


“Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan” – A peek into the Storyline

Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan Drama

Two teasers of the serial are released so far. The first teaser didn’t give away much about the story. However, the second teaser has given a little overview of the story. The serial looks very promising from the teasers, it is a must-watch.

juda huway kuch is tarhan drama

Dur-e-Fishan and Nabeel Zuberi will play the role of two lovers. At first, Dur-e-Fishan doesn’t feel interested in Zuberi, but he continuously approaches her that ignites a blaze of love in her heart. And the story then revolves around their love life.

Moreover, Dur-e-Fishan isn’t a regular girl in the serial. She is a government official holding a huge office. It is difficult for her to fall in love while reaching heights in her career. This is the twist in the story that makes it unique and unconventional.

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