Articles Mor Moharaan Drama Serial Latest Update! 

Mor Moharaan Drama Serial Latest Update! 

Sonya Hussyn and Zahid Ahmed have paired up for the upcoming Mor Moharaan drama serial. They’re the most loved on-screen couple in Pakistan. Their performances in ‘Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida‘ and ‘Ishq Zahenaseeb‘ made them everyone’s favorite. Since the news about their collaboration in this serial has come out, the fans are extremely crazy.

sonya hussyn with zahid Ahmed in Mor Moharaan Drama

The serial is currently in the making and only little details are revealed about it. But the team Dramasonline has gone the extra mile to bring the latest update for the fans. The interviews of both stars clearly indicated that this serial will be the best of best. So, continue reading to find out more! 


Mor Moharaan Drama Serial Details


This serial is a proud production of Seema Taher Khan, the renowned producer. It is directed by super-talented and dynamic director Owais Khan. And the intriguing storyline of the serial is the brainchild of famous writer Ali Moeen. The serial aims to highlight social and environmental issues in the country through television medium. This serial isn’t like lovey-dovey soaps aired in Pakistan.


Mor Moharaan Drama Serial Updates


Mor Moharaan drama

Surprisingly, Sonya and Zahid have shared the details about their roles in the serial. They both appeared in two different interviews and spoke about their collaboration and characters in this upcoming serial.

Zahid Ahmed in Mor Moharaan Drama
Zahid Ahmed in his character

Zahid has told, he’ll be playing a local feudal role in the serial. His character is called ‘Ahmed Khan Gardezi’ a politically influential feudal lord of a far-flung area of Cholistan. According to him, Zahid and Sonya are the only two individuals in their area who are educated and have exposure to the outside world. Their locality is worst affected by climate change and the negligence of the government. The serial aims to highlight the common issues in the area and address the worsening conditions of climate change.

Sonya Hussyn in Mor Moharaan Drama
Sonya Hussyn in her character

Sonya also told about her character in a separate interview. She will play the role of an environmentalist who fights for her people deprived of basic necessities and worst hit by climate change. In the serial, she had to face Gardezi (Zahid) who tries to keep his position established in the area. The serial will showcase various issues faced by the people of Cholistan. It also provides a path for solutions.

Mor Moharaan drama

The serial is soon to be aired on TV One. Stay tuned for more updates!