Articles Much-Hyped ‘Laapata’ Drama Fails to Entertain Audience

Much-Hyped ‘Laapata’ Drama Fails to Entertain Audience

Laapata Drama has been in the headlines since the release of teasers. Its star-studded cast remained the main highlight during the promotion of the serial. The storyline didn’t look interesting from the very beginning. The serial only attracted the audience because of its cast. However, it has turned out to be a ‘Big Fail’ after the two episodes are aired consecutively.

Laapata Drama

The serial was aired on 27th July 2021, the audience flooded to watch it on TV screens. But everyone was disappointed by the dumb storyline and childish acting of the cast. The social media platforms started to overflow with hate comments and trolling posts about the serial. The TRPs dropped to dead bottom when the second episode was aired the next day.


Why “Laapata” Drama is a fail?

Pakistani audience is simply fed up with TV soaps showcasing dumb love triangles. This serial has nothing new for the audience, its story revolves around three cousins who are in love with each other. Shams (Ali Rehman), Falak (Sarah Khan), and Gaity (Ayeza Khan) are the main characters. And all these characters neither fit in the context nor in the persona. It looks like the serial is based on a moronic screenplay.


Why Laapata is in Hot Water?

Netizens claim that this serial is promoting nonsense. They’re asking PEMRA to censor the serial immediately. As extortion and rape cases are rising in the country, the serial is promoting false prosecution. Latest, in the 2nd episode Gaity blames a shopkeeper for harassment so that she doesn’t have to pay for her shopping.

Laapata Drama

The audience quickly pointed out the ideology behind the scene and started a campaign on social media. Many stars and politicians like Sharmila Faruqi have spoken about it, and want PEMRA to take strict action against it. We can’t make a judgment at this stage about a serial, but considering the audience’s response, it is clear that this serial isn’t what we were expecting.

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