Articles Phaans Drama Last Episode Is Trending On Social Media 

Phaans Drama Last Episode Is Trending On Social Media 

Phaans drama was speculated to be the next superhit when it was released. But it didn’t get much appreciation and fame. According to critics, the storyline was unnecessarily stretched which made it bland. However, as the serial started nearing the end, it created hype on social media. The powerful performances of the cast in the last few episodes were applauded by everyone. And the serial got its audience back.

Phaans Drama Last Episode

Yesterday marked the end of Phans serial. The final episode broke many TRPs records as it was watched on every television screen across the country. The serial is currently trending on social media platforms. Many people are posting the clips from the final episode to cherish the exceptional performances of Zara Noor Abbas and Shahzad Shaikh.


Phaans Drama Last Episode!

Phaans Drama Last Episode

The final episode unveiled Sahir’s real face before the audience. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for his wrongdoings. Sahir’s mother Nadia gave an emotional speech and won the hearts of the audience. At last, Zeba was shown as a lawyer struggling to provide justice to the deprived women. And Samad as his lawful partner. The serial beautifully wrapped everything and gave a good conclusion to the story.


Is Phaans Season 2 Possible?

Phaans Drama Last Episode

There isn’t any news about season 2 of the serial. And no part of the story is left unfolded that could be continued in season 2. However, it is possible to remake the serial with the story of Zeba and Samad. These both characters are fan’s favorite, and if the audience demand season 2, the story will definitely revolve around them.

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