Popularity of Pakistani Dramas on TV

The popularity of Pakistani Dramas on TV

The popularity of Pakistani Dramas is on the rise these days. Over a dozen satellite TV channels are producing shows for Pakistan now. Moreover, there was a time when who launched even a satellite channel in India dedicated to aired Pakistani dramas for an Indian audience as well. However, as the foreign exposure towards these so-called great dramas increases, it appears as though their quality has declined significantly. It has been noticed that the acting talent and the caliber in these shows have also reduced slightly.

The popularity of Pakistani Dramas

There have been several reasons attributed to the decline in popularity of Pakistani dramas on TV. One is the shift in focus of the actors and actresses from the good guys to the bad guys in recent times. This has been one of the most reasons behind the popularity of individual plots and storylines in Pakistani dramas. Due to the shift in focus of these actors and actresses, they are not given much time to develop their characters and provide them with depth.
Another reason behind the decrease in popularity of these Pakistani television shows is the lack of financial support. These television shows require the actress and director to make a large amount of money before being released onto the television screens. There are not many television channels in Pakistan that can afford such expenses. Hence, most of them choose to ignore these shows. This has been one of the main reasons behind the popularity of individual plots and characters in Pakistan’s drama industry.

Another cause for the decline in popularity of Pakistani dramas is the change in people’s social norms and behavior over the past few years. Generally, people here are more conservative and traditional and have lost their love for modernity. The younger generation doesn’t follow the same trends as their parents, and therefore, these Pakistani television shows have found it difficult to penetrate into the younger generations of Pakistan. These shows generally revolve around moral issues and try to portray the country’s low moral values.

The move of the internet has also played a significant role in reducing Pakistani dramas’ popularity. With the advancement of technology, the internet has gained considerable exposure here and there. All sorts of shows, including these, have been uploaded on to the internet. However, with the widespread usage of the internet, who can hardly watch this popular drama genre on the internet, its viewing population has significantly declined.

The decline in the popularity of these Pakistani dramas has been mainly due to the entry of more westernized and commercialized industries here. The entrance of the big Hollywood and Bollywood industry in Pakistan has profoundly impacted the dramas’ popularity. Although these particular genres of dramas are prevalent, the number of viewers is decreasing. This is because these new industries are targeting a niche audience that includes the younger generation of Pakistanis. This is mainly because most Punjabi girls and boys are totally unfamiliar with these Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities’ works.

Another reason for the decline in the popularity of Pakistani dramas is the entry of many foreign films and movies into the market. It has become quite common for Hollywood and Bollywood to be embedded in the popular culture of Pakistanis. The foreign film that comes to Pakistan is targeted at the local audience rather than at the international audiences. This results in the lack of popularity of these Pakistani movies. Most of the time, these movies’ movie posters are covered with the logo of either an American film producer, known as studios, or of any famous Bollywood company. So the Pakistani movie viewers are unaware of the work that these foreign companies have done.

These dramas’ popularity will only rise when more Pakistani artists and actresses decide to participate in these TV shows. Once these happen, the popularity of the theaters will undoubtedly surge. However, till then, we can enjoy our favorite drama series without having any doubt or uncertainty about their authenticity.

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