Articles ‘Prince Charming’ Web Series Featuring Mahira Khan

‘Prince Charming’ Web Series Featuring Mahira Khan

The superstar of Pakistan Mahira Khan is all set to star in the ‘Prince Charming’ web series. As the film industry is completely shut down due to the current pandemic situation. The trend of web content has increased threefold. All stars are appearing in internet series to keep the entertainment industry alive. However, celebrities like Mahira were rarely seen in such series before.

Prince Charming Mahira Khan Web Series

Mahira last ventured into production and announced ‘Baarwan Khiladi’ as the first series of her production house. She hadn’t appeared in film, drama, or series since then. Although there was news about a project featuring Mahira, no one could imagine it can be a series. And today, she posted the cover photo of ‘پرنس چارمنگ’ on Instagram.


Mahira Khan New Series ‘Prince Charming’

Prince Charming Mahira Khan Web Series

The fans are literally crazy after hearing about Mahira’s new series. The news has taken up the internet, and Mahira’s Instagram post is making rounds on social media. This hype is only because of her bustling ocean of fans. After all, she’s the Bollywood queen of Pakistan.

Prince Charming Mahira Khan Web Series

Mahira will be seen together with Zahid Ahmed in this series. The series is produced by SEE PRIME. And it is directed by the dynamic Shehryar Munawar. Moreover, the series will air on the See Prime YouTube channel, and it’ll be easily accessible to all types of audiences. The name and poster suggest it’ll be a love story.

‘Prince Charming’ Release Date

It is quite early to talk about the release date. The series is currently in the making, the shooting is expected to end by the end of 2021. Hopefully, it’ll be released within the year 2021.

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