Articles Shehzad Roy to Make His Acting Debut in a Feature Film 

Shehzad Roy to Make His Acting Debut in a Feature Film 

Alif Noon Remake Cover Photo Featuring Shehzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi

After ruling the music industry for decades, Shehzad Roy is headed to the film industry. The brilliant singer is set to exhibit the best of his acting skills in an upcoming feature film. Shehzad is considered a living legend for his exceptional work in music. He’s the face of modern Pakistani music and a maestro of pop. However, Shehzad as an actor is something out of blue for his fans.

Shehzad Roy in upcoming feature film

Although we’ve seen Shehzad acting in commercials, he has never appeared as a film or drama actor before. This upcoming film will be his acting debut. And we’re quite sure he’s going to rock it! Like his superhit songs Teri Surat, Haar Gai, Tera Mukhra Haseen, and Khudi Ka Sir e Nihan this film will also be a blockbuster hit in a newer domain.


Shehzad Roy New Feature Film – Details

Shehzad Roy new feature film

Recently, Shehzad was spotted at “Tonight With Ahsan Khan” TV show where he had talked about his upcoming project to Ahsan Khan. He said that he will be working on the remake of the old sitcom “Alif Noon” that aired on PTV National.

Shehzad Roy with Faisal Qureshi in upcoming feature film

The remake will feature “Alif Noon” as a film. And the singer Shehzad Roy together with veteran actor Faisal Qureshi will play the lead roles. The project was highlighted some time back, and it created a huge hype on social media. Many fans are excited to watch their all-time favorite “Alif Noon” in a newer version.


Shehzad Roy Feature Film Release Date

According to sources, the production of the film is not yet started. It is expected to start from September of this year. The project will be completed in a span of 6-7 months and will be released by the end of the next year 2022. All the 60s kids who have watched the show throughout their childhood are crazy about its remake. The feature film will be a massive success.

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