The Evolution of Pakistani Dramas

The Evolution of Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Cinema has witnessed the evolution of this genre. The advent of the Internet has not only given birth to a wealth of cheap DVD and VCD movies, but it has also helped the Pakistani screenwriters to create their niche in the industry. Now, you can find several features packed into every film. As a matter of fact, Pakistani Cinema is getting popular day by day. Let’s take a look at some of the notable developments that have taken place in this genre.

First, the advent of online video sites has allowed viewers worldwide to watch this comedy classic on a single screen. This is why the popularity of Saturday Night Live in the USA and Canada has also touched a new high. The success of Lollywood celebrities in Bollywood also made the genre and its characters all the more popular. This leads to the idea of adding comic relief in the story. The evolution of Pakistani Dramas follows this trend.

Second, the boom in outsourcing has allowed filmmakers to put a variety of characters into one story. In the past, the stories were more focused on a lead protagonist. The presence of an ensemble cast enhances the charm of the story. Now, a character is also a part of the action. The advantage of this is that the audience will relate better to his or her role. The evolution of Pakistani Dramas is also facilitated by the inclusion of other genres of cinematography.

Third, the increasing acceptance and popularity of satellite television have led to the evolution of Pakistani Dramas. The rise in the popularity of comedy series has also increased this genre’s approval in the American and Canadian film industries. The use of comedies in Pakistani films is a result of two factors. The first is the rise in the popularity of comedy serials. Secondly, the increase in cable television popularity has made American and Canadian audiences open to stories with a little more humor.

The second factor is the prominence of comic book characters in television serials. The popularity of such heroes as Batman and Robin allows Pakistani audiences to embrace a similar storytelling way. The third factor that led to the evolution of Pakistani Dramas is the integration of music and dance. The inclusion of songs and dance in stories enables the storytelling more comprehensively. This can be considered as the final leap in the evolution of Pakistani Dramas. These three factors have helped to make Pakistani dramas very popular with their respective viewers and have led to their rising popularity worldwide.

Why can trace the rise of the term ‘Dramas’ in Pakistan back to when the country’s first director Riazath Mirza went to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a famous actor. His first film, Shameful Deception, was based on a womanizer who becomes a star in Hollywood. However, his stardom vision never came true, and Mirza made only one more film in Hollywood. However, his innovative work in the form of comedy films paved the way for Pakistani Dramas’ evolution.

The success of his comedy movies led him to collaborate with the legendary director Shankar one day. Shankar was a proficient storyteller, and he used his experience in shooting comedy movies to help Mirza create a successful film. The collaboration worked out very well, and Mirza made a hit comedy that benefited both the director and the audience. The success of No Ordinary Family, on the other hand, paved the way for Mirza to collaborate with another legendary director, Sharukh Khan.

The late Sharukh Khan took to directing his movies after being relieved from his vice president position. He made two more successful movies and his long-time friend and colleague, Mirza Sehgal, was also a part of his team. Both of them are revered for the successful filmography that has made them celebrities in their own right. The evolution of Pakistani Dramas is a tribute to their long love affair with Cinema.

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