The Role of Dramas in Cultural Values

The Role of Dramas in Cultural Values

The role of Dramas in cultural values is a big question. Some say that it only affects the audience by changing their perceptions of the plot. It is said that some people who watch dramatic plays do not appreciate schemes that lack serious or, more often, violence. They take it as the director wanted them to take a serious role.

The answer depends on the type of culture that you are talking about. Distinct kinds of drama have specific aspects and insinuations. When I was studying in graduate school, many drama scholars claimed that English dramas have a particular effect on us.

For instance, in plays from the Elizabethan era, a character’s ultimate fate depends on the play’s plot. If that particular plot is terrible, that character will die. If it is good, he will live.

In other plays, such as Italian and Spanish dramas, a significant part of the game involves social struggle. And so, depending on the type of culture you are talking about, a social message may be discernible. The Chinese feel that all men are animals, while in Europe, all men are angels. In Asian dramas, for instance, there is always a constant conflict between the sexes. This is often a theme and often shows the contrast between men and women.

And so, does this have any meaning for us? So, it is my suggestion that the reply is no. The play does not have any social or political messages for us. It has only the fundamental premise that individual people must decide good and evil and that these decisions will affect the characters and how we see the world. It merely adds an extra bit to the play, which gives it more meaning.

We must prevent this from happening, and we should be careful with the play we watch. We demand to make sure that it does not have messages that are contrary to our values. This is not the same as brainwashing, but merely adding a bit to the news, we are already sending out. It makes the play more enjoyable.

Who can also use it to understand the relationship between a society and its culture? For instance, in Japan, many songs are dedicated to the Mother Goddess. In China, on the other hand, the Dragon is considered a representation of the Emperor. Both of these cultural values are positive, but each one also represents different aspects of society. So, it is imperative to acknowledge the fact that are two sides to every coin. We have to consider it differently.

Finally, there is another important thing we should know about the Role of Dramas in the culture. When a play is funny or outrageous, it brings out some reaction in us. We also enjoy the play and make it memorable. Instead of thinking that space portrays something harmful to us, we should see it to take us into the story. By playing the character, we are allowed to enter into the culture’s world in a very different way.

This also applies to dramas. If a play is funny, then it is a sign of high entertainment value. It will also bring joy to many spectators, and they may not stop watching the play. However, if space is exaggerated for the sake of humor, then it is considered uncool. This is why dramas have long been regarded as a critical ingredient of good comedy in China. Even today, people of China still love to watch dramatic productions, no matter how many times they have been shown in the theater.

So, we can say that the Role of Dramas in our daily life is not only a sign of entertainment value. It also has a deeper meaning. For instance, when Li Kang’s character in the English language play entered the stage, he was seen as a hero. His name was like the epitome of what the typical Westerner believes to be the ideal. Thus, his role of being a hero was more than just a storyline; it was a meaning of what it is to be a hero.

When we look at Chinese society at large, it seems that Dramas’ Role plays a more significant role in their lives than we are used to seeing. This is because the drama has been a piece of Chinese civilization in recent years. Long before modern civilization, even troglodytes could create dramatic stories about things happening around them. Thus, the idea of a theatrical play is not just a recent phenomenon. Instead, it has been a piece of Chinese traditions for many years.


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