Which Pakistani Dramas Has the Highest TRP?

Which Pakistani Dramas Has the Highest TRP?

So, you’re wondering which Pakistani dramas have the highest TRP? If you haven’t been following the popular trends in television dramas, you wouldn’t know what to look for. You probably just want to catch up on what’s popular right now and what you need to watch on TV. However, while you may have your favorite shows, they are not likely to be the top-rated television shows. Are you missing out on something great?

That’s because there are two kinds of Pakistani dramas that get more viewers than others: the right type and the wrong category. Just as in any other type of drama, good plots with good characters can make you sit up and take notice, and the wrong type can drag you down and leave you groaning and wishing you could stop. Here are the top-rated plots!

You must have heard about the story of a man called Ahlam bin laden. His family was relatively poor, and he worked hard to provide for them. One day, Ahlam was shot and left paralyzed. This was the beginning of his story – how he struggled to live an everyday life even though his body couldn’t do so.

You might not think this story is relevant, but it is indeed a great example of how you can overcome the hardships you face. The way who told the story was riveting. There were many emotional scenes involving Ahlam’s family and his love for them. It was apparent how much the writer loved writing about his hometown. And his use of local slang was very endearing.

Do you know how every story begins with the most dramatic scene or setting? Well, this one did too! You soon discovered just how great Pakistani culture is through this plot. When the supporting characters revealed their culture’s dirty habits and beliefs to Ahlam’s father, it was amazing how the audience empathized with them.

Another useful plot that had excellent pace was the one concerning a war-torn country in Africa. Who told this one through the story of an ordinary boy who wants to join the army. But when he refused to do so, his friends ridiculed him for it. But when the war began, his loyalty changed, and he joined.

Finally, the story of two young lovers who fell in love with one another but parted because of an unforeseen event was very touching. The way they struggled to stay together until the end made us realize that these people are real human beings. We loved both of them. They got past the obstacles put in their way and became great friends. Their story added much to the number of successful and popular Pakistani dramas shown on television today.

So, which Pakistani Dramas have the highest popularity? Which Pakistani dramas grabs your attention? How do we define their popularity? All of these are fascinating questions! Now you know why you should watch a particular drama!

Queen: This is an excellent example of how a story can be loved and appreciated by all. Queen means “The Shooting” in English. It is a romantic tale about a juvenile female who feels attraction with a serviceman, and then he turns out to be her enemy.

This is one of my favorite Pakistani dramas! I have watched this story so many times. It is full of romance and humor. You will laugh, cry, and feel happy when you watch this! It is very emotional!

I am sure you have seen this story being aired on TV, and you know how sad it is. But, it is a great comedy. You never want to miss this drama! It is full of fun and laughter!

If you are looking for a great story, and you do not care for stories with violence, this is the show for you! It is very different from other dramas that may have some violence in them. So, get on the couch, turn on the television, and start watching this fantastic drama! There are only 15 episodes, so you do not want to miss a single episode!

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