Woh Humsafar Tha Drama

Woh Humsafar Tha Drama

Woh Hum Phad is a drama based on Kingston Kositchevis, played by the popular Thai actor Khon Kaen. It arrives in the prior 16th era. In this drama, the young Kingston is forced to abdicate his throne by his cruel and tyrannical father. However, instead of executing him, his loyal subjects try to kill him. The movie then tells how he gets away from his enemies and retires to a remote island to live a solitary life.

Woh Hum Phad has received a lot of criticism from both the Thai people and foreigners in the recent past for many reasons. Many believe that the story is only a myth or story intended to sell the ticket. Others point out that the film is not very original as many Thai movies and plays have been made before that feature violent and heavy themes. However, most critics neglect to take into consideration the advantages and benefits of the film.

In Woh Hum Phad, the story is told from the perspective of Kingston Kositchevis. The tale started when the male character is too young. This shows the view of a child and how he deals with emotions and conflict. As he grows up, the conflict between him and his half-sister, Mom on the one hand, and his friend, Nang Yai on the other, comes to the fore, and they are torn apart. Mom and Nang eventually fall in love and marry, but Mom gets killed in the movie.

The movie follows Kingston as he returns to his kingdom and throne. This is told in a calm and measured manner. It is well-paced and does not drag on. The story includes how he could rule his people, protect them, and win over his enemies. In this tale various exciting characters as well.

Woh Hum Phad has some decent story. However, it lacks in some areas. I felt that the administrator did not focus on personality blooming conflict resolution furthermore. The story is very standard, and there is little uniqueness to it. It feels like all they needed to write for the movie was a happy family with magic powers. One major highlight in the film is when Kingston gets to do his job as a king and deal with all of his subjects.

The acting is excellent throughout the movie. Nang Yai is particularly good at acting as Kingston. He has a son who is fantastic in the film as well. I most appraise the segments among him and Nang Yai. It compels you to think for each character because their relationship is so common.

Overall, this movie is delightful and pleasurable to see. It ends on a high note. The personalities are finely established, the tale is charming, and the dramaturgy is marvelous. If you have not seen this movie, you should try not to pass it by!

The trailer looked pretty good. I am not sure if it will be as funny as the makers are making it out to be. Though, I am searching for this to watch it. The reviews are all excellent so far, and it seems like a light-hearted romantic comedy. If you are a romantic comedy buff, you will love this movie.

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